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Johnny Manziel: Drug Abuse and Suicide Attempt Explanation

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel has revealed his struggles with drug abuse and a suicide attempt in a new Netflix documentary titled “Untold: Johnny Football. The documentary sheds light on his challenges during and after his football career.

Drug Usage and Weight Loss

In the documentary, Manziel admits to using OxyContin and cocaine regularly during his playing career, particularly following the 2015 season. He discloses that his drug usage led to a significant drop in weight from 215 pounds to 175 pounds within several months.

Legal Troubles and Mental Health

Poor performance and legal issues followed his drug abuse, including an assault charge against his former girlfriend, which was later dropped.The Cleveland Browns launched him in 2016. Manziel states that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after his release.

Suicide Attempt

The most striking revelation in the documentary is Manziel’s admission of attempting suicide. After his release from the Browns, he went on a “self-sabotaging” spending spree amounting to $5 million before attempting to take his own life. He reveals that he had purchased a gun for this purpose but that it malfunctioned when he pulled the trigger.

Family Dynamics and Recovery

Manziel shares that his strained relationship with his family was a result of his refusal to seek treatment. He eventually returned to his family’s home in Texas following the suicide attempt. The documentary features his father expressing gratitude that Manziel is still with them and hopeful for better days ahead.

Post-NFL Career

Since his release from the NFL, Manziel has played in various football leagues, including the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Alliance of American Football (AAF), and the Fan Controlled Football league.

Documentary Release

“Untold: Johnny Football” is set to be released on Netflix and offers viewers an intimate look into the highs and lows of Manziel’s life and career.

Addressing Mental Health and Overcoming Challenges

Johnny Manziel candidness about his struggles with drug abuse, mental health, and his suicide attempt underscores the importance of addressing these issues openly. His story serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye can battle personal demons, highlighting the significance of seeking help and support during challenging times.